Bhopal Lockdown. File pIc
Bhopal Lockdown. File pIc

BHOPAL: People have diverse opinions on whether another lockdown is needed in view of sharp spike in Covid-19 cases in the city. Some say lockdown is not a solution, what needed is that everyone should take precautions to keep the disease at bay.

On the other hand, some are for complete lockdown for at least 15 days, so that people do not venture out of their homes unnecessarily.

Chitra Singh, professor

How many times will we lockdown our city? It is not a solution. People will have to understand their social responsibility. It is our responsibility rather than that of the government. People will have to understand that we are facing a pandemic and we have to protect ourselves as well as our family from the virus by taking all the necessary precautions.

Sudhir Aazad, filmmaker

Lockdown is not an option. In fact, it will worsen the condition of the poor. Now, at least, they are earning and feeding their families. Initially people were very scared of coronavirus and were taking the threat seriously. But now it is not so. It is like jumping the red light when traffic cops are not around. We need to change this approach. People will have to become self-disciplined to control the deadly virus.

Sarita Shrivastava, president, Bhopal Beauty Parlour Association

The number of Covid patients is increasing day by day but people are no longer afraid of contracting the disease. As the lockdown ended, they started venturing out of their homes unnecessarily. They started thinking that unlock means the threat of the disease has disappeared. I think the city should be placed under lockdown for at least 7-10 days to drill sense into the minds of such people.

Gaurav Shrivastava, counsellor

There is need to understand the situation rather than imposing lockdown, which will not serve any purpose. In fact it will affect the economy. How long can we sustain a lockdown? Covid cases will jump the moment the lockdown is lifted. So, the people should take the disease seriously and follow all precautions like wearing masks, washing hands properly and maintaining physical distance. We will be safe if we follow all these precautions.

Surendra Shukla, district co-ordinator, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Bhopal

There should be a complete lockdown at least twice a week. All shops should be closed and only essential services should be allowed. That will not only curb the upward spiral in the number of Covid patients but also save people’s money.

Iqbal Beg, businessman

I don’t think there should be a complete lockdown. The number of cases is increasing because of more tests. Lockdown is not a solution. Rather it creates problems like unemployment and hunger. At least, people are earning some amount now. People should control themselves. They should not go out unless it is absolutely necessary.

Sudhakar Parashar, principal

I think there should be a strict and complete lockdown for at least 15 days. But the people should be informed of the dates at least one week in advance so that they can prepare themselves mentally and arrange essential commodities. Day-long lockdown won’t work.

Rahul Sen, student

Lockdown should be either be imposed for a week at the most or unlock time should be reduced to 10 am to 5 pm. In this way, people will not come out in the evening and able to maintain physical distancing.

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