Thandla : The number of fictitious doctors has increased by a lot in the city. And businesses of such doctors are also flourishing these days.

In the rainy reason due to increase in the numbers of mosquitoes diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and seasonal fever are getting increased in the city as well in the villages of Parvarliya Khajuri, Kaknavani and others. This resulted in the flourishing of the business of fictitious doctors in the areas.

In Thandla city only around 100 fictitious doctors run their clinics like Sai Clinic. 5th and 8th class pass people are also practicing as doctors at Parvalia rural area.

The collusion of police with such fictitious doctors has also resulted in their incensement.

It is to be noted that Police raids such doctors once or twice in a year and that too after informing them about their raids so that doctors can shut down their clinic and escape. These doctors regularly send money to the police so that they can run their clinics without any problem. These doctors send fix money to the Police from Thandla to Jhabua and Bhopal. Police just raids such fictitious doctors who don’t send them regular money so that they can pressurize them to send money. As noted many sub-standard medicines are found in such clinics. Fictitious doctors administer heavy dosages of medicines to treat these patients due to which the patients get relieved for the time being. And when the situation goes out of hand, these doctors refer the patients to Gujrat and other places.

Many patients of the city have faced critical conditions because of these doctors. And when some patient dies due to the negligence, the doctors they compromise with the family of the deceased.

The amount for compromise starts from Rs 20 Lakh and ends up around Rs 2 Lakh. And after this, such doctors start their clinics once again.

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