Over crowded special train arrives from Maharashtra at Bhopal Railway station on Sunday.
Over crowded special train arrives from Maharashtra at Bhopal Railway station on Sunday.

BHOPAL: On the second day of the lockdown, business establishments remained closed for the second consecutive day. Markets continued to wear a deserted look. Home delivery of grocery and other essentials continued through online trading companies as the administration had exempted such deliveries from the purview of the lockdown. Passengers and commuters, however, got no conveyance at bus stops, as well as railway stations, so, they face difficulties in reaching their destinations.

In the afternoon, a train arrived at Bhopal railway station. It was an overcrowded special train coming from Maharashtra. And, when the passengers disembarked from the train, they did not get any conveyance. The passengers had to contact their relatives to reach their destinations.

People had to take circuitous routes through the city as the roads were heavily barricaded across the state capital. Police personnel remained deployed on the roads and they intercepted people moving on the roads. Public movement without any valid reason has been restricted during the lockdown.

In the Kolar-Shahpura areas, a nine-day lockdown has been declared. So, the other parts of the state capital will get relief from Monday, but Kolar-Shahpura will continue to face the brunt of the lockdown. The main focus of the adiministration is to restrict public movement in the Kolar-Shahpura areas, which have contributed around 40 per cent of the total number of corona cases in state capital.

On Sunday, only milk booths were opened for just couple of hours and a few vegetable vendors moved around the colonies. Otherwise, even vegetable shops remained closed.

When people ventured out of their homes to buy medicines, they had to show doctor’s prescriptions to the police to be allowed to go about their business; otherwise, the police strictly controlled any kind of movement on the roads.

Despite the lockdown, however, the administration facilitated the vaccination programme and made announcements to the public on the vaccination session sites in their respective colonies for public convenience.

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