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Many cities in Madhya Pradesh are under lockdown because of the rise in corona positive cases. Yet it seems to have failed to quell the virus.

The number of tests conducted in MP is lesser than that of other states. Only 7.52 lakh tests have been conducted during the past four months in the state.

Because of lesser number of tests, patients could not be identified in many districts where the virus has rapidly spread.

On the other hand, ten lakh tests have so far been conducted in Delhi. Quick detection and fast treatment of patients have lessened the number of active cases in the national capital.

In terms of active corona cases, Delhi was in the second place among all other states across the country. But now, Delhi is out of the first ten states where the number of active patients was very high.

The state-wise data of tests show: Tamil Nadu (26 lakh), Maharashtra (21 lakh), Andhra Pradesh (19 lakh), U P (22 lakh) and Rajasthan (15 lakh).

In those states, patients were detected through tests. Accordingly, the chances of the disease spreading further have declined there.

The number of tests being conducted by smaller states like Karnataka and Assam is more than that of MP.

In Madhya Pradesh, 14, 000 tests are conducted daily. But in other states the figure is more than 26,000.

Health experts say the virus will remain in MP for long time because of lesser number of tests.

The way the other states are conducting tests and detecting patients indicates that they will be able to control the virus by September.

On the other hand, as the number of patients has not reached its pick in MP, the state can arrest the pandemic by November.

Only 25 tests conducted daily in most districts

Nearly 2, 000/3, 000 testes have so far been conducted in most of the districts in the state. If the figure is analysed, it will be seen that only 25 tests have been conducted daily in many districts. According to sources, the top-rung officers have told the health department not to conduct many tests.

The district-wise figure shows Hoshangabad (1,300), Harda (1,400), and only 3,000 people have been tested in Mandsaur, Tikamgarh, Dhar, Katni, Satna, Rajgarh and Vidisha during the past four months.

One lakh tests in Bhopal

In Bhopal, 1.06 lakh tests have so far been conducted, and in Indore, the number is 1.36 lakh. The figure of patients has increased in those districts where more tests were conducted. Now, it is clear that the actual figure of patients has not come to light because of lack of tests.

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