Monsoon knocks Sendhwa

Sendhwa : People, who were upset of the delayed monsoon, were seen joyful when it started raining on Wednesday afternoon at 3.40 pm.

It rained for half an hour and left a merry atmosphere, but the increased humidity troubled the citizens afterwards. However, the humidity is a sign of the approaching monsoon. The west Nimad, which is totally dependent on Mumbai for the monsoon, was relieved as news of Mumbai monsoon reached Nimad.  The farmers, who were waiting for the rains, were now seen in the market to prepare themselves for their ‘Boani’.

Since there is no trace of monsoon in the region, a letter was written to the departmental officer of the water resources department, demanding to shut down 10 gates of the Ralaavti dam. Water committee chairman Chhotu Chaudhry informed that water only for the usage for a week is left in the Goi River. There can be a water-crisis in the region as there is no sign of monsoon in the town. Hence a letter was written to the water resources officer to reserve the water of Ralaavti dam, as water is getting waste due to the 10 open gates. If they close the gate, the saved water can be provided to the town when in need.

The chairman also appealed that the citizens should save water. Leaving taps open must be avoided and taps must be capped well to stop water from being waste.

Along with the farmers, even the government is worried about the monsoon. Last year, this date witnessed rains up to 11 inches. However, this year, the level has barely reached to an inch. According to the land-record office, this year, the average rain has reached 26.3 millimeters whereas last year it was 229.2 millimeters.  Yet, if we keep on comparing the measurements with that of the last year, conditions will be more depressing.

Till now, 13.2 millimeter rain has been observed in Badwani which was 133.5 millimeter last year and Sendhwa has observed one millimeter of rain which was 264 millimeter last year. Even in such a critical situation, the hope for monsoon is still high as the weather department has informed that the district shall be observing monsoon nearby July 6.

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