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Bhopal: The power distribution companies in Madhya Pradesh have informed the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) that they have written off bad and doubtful debts to the tune of Rs 3,212 crore.

This comes as bad news for honest consumers who pay their electricity dues in time because there is a provision under which these companies can realize the amount from customers. The power Discoms have also asked the MPERC to issue orders to allow them to realise this amount from customers. This loss is compensated by making a hike in electricity tariff where honest consumers bear the brunt.

The three power distribution companies (Discom) have written off Rs 3,212.10 crore for the year 2018-’19. The East Discom has written off Rs 771.35 crore, Central Discom Rs 1,678.07 crore and West Discom has written off Rs 762.68 crore as bad debt.

The power distribution companies have filed this report in True-Up Petition with the MPERC. Another shocker for the common consumer comes as these companies have not given details of the bad debts and the defaulters.

Although power companies have revealed the amounts of bad and doubtful debts, they have not given the names of defaulters. Writing off an amount of Rs 3,200 crore as bad debt is no joke. Moreover, the power companies are now trying to pass the buck on to honest consumers, which should not be tolerated at all. A group of activists have objected to the true-up petition filed by the power companies and have also urged other consumers to come out and object to such a move by the power companies.

The last date to submit objections is December 31.

Unfair & unjust: Why should honest consumers bear the brunt of dishonest users who used electricity but didn’t pay for it?
Rajendra Agarwal, a whistle-blower and activist working in the power sector

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