A patient being taken to private a hospital with oxygen cylinder in Bhopal on Wednesday.
A patient being taken to private a hospital with oxygen cylinder in Bhopal on Wednesday.

Bhopal: The shortage of oxygen supply continues, contrary to the government’s claim of its availability.

The officials say 420MT of oxygen is about to arrive in the state. Yet, the hospitals lack it.

The directors of hospitals complain to the officials every day about the short supply of oxygen.

Dearth of oxygen has led to deaths of many people in the state, and, in the districts, the situation has worsened due to lack of its supply.

Many doctors are not admitting patients, since there is no oxygen in the hospitals they are running. Such patients are dying in homes.

The problems arising out of want of oxygen will worsen in coming days. There are 82,000 active patients in the state.

The way the number of patients is increasing, the figure may reach 150,000 by this month-end.

Therefore, it is going to be difficult to arrange oxygen for such large number of patients.

The demand for oxygen will shoot up by 700MT by the end of this month. The government seems to be gasping to arrange oxygen supply.

The states that supply oxygen to MP are also dealing with the rising number of corona cases.

As the cases are shooting up, those states that supply oxygen are trying to find out some excuses for not providing it to the state.

Other state governments and administrative officials have come in the way of supplying oxygen to MP.

The BJP-ruled states are causing more troubles for MP in supplying oxygen.

Madhya Pradesh is not getting cooperation from UP and Gujarat. Maharashtra and Rajasthan also stop the tankers carrying oxygen.

The tankers from MP are being removed from the plants that supply oxygen.

MP gets oxygen from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. Such state governments want that their tankers should be given priority.

As a result of this tug-of-war among the states, the tankers from MP are reaching the state very late.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is holding discussions with his counterparts in other states, but the problem remains unsolved.

‘Oxygen plants start functioning in four districs’

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said oxygen plants have begun to function in Khandwa, Shivpuri and Ujjain. The Jabalpur oxygen plant is also going to start. The oxygen plants in Ratlam, Mandsaur and Morena are going to start in a day or two.

He has also said that Bina has ensured that it will supply oxygen. To avoid wasting of time by carrying oxygen, a 1,000-bed hospital is being set up in Bina, itself.

He says the time is very challenging, but there should not be dearth of oxygen.

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