Madhya Pradesh: For authorities, saving old trees is no priority, planting new ones is

BHOPAL: Heavy rains and gusty winds bring down hundreds of trees every year, while many fall prey to fungus and other diseases. However, there is no data available with the administration as to how many trees get dried up every year and die, as their focus lies more on plantation drive. For them saving the old ailing trees is not their priority. A technique called 'Tree Augur' comes handy to identify such trees which have become weak and likely to fall. Timely intervention can save hundreds of trees. Over 90 per cent of trees can be saved from rotting or drying if efforts are made to identify the fungus and other disease weakening them on time.

Timely intervention can save the diseased trees which are likely to dry up, said a retired forest official Anurag Shrivastav. †These trees can be saved only by Tree Augur, a technique used to examine the health of a tree, says †the ex-official. The technique helps identify the health of a tree so that they may be uprooted on time. Also, the health of trees can be examined through this technique and even if it appears to be weak from outside, there are chances that it is healthy inside, he explained. There are trees that show symptoms of fungus on the branches. The local administration can easily spot the tree fungus and take necessary steps to check its growth.

One of the causes of the weakening of trees is the concrete structure damaging their roots and branches. A retired forest official Jagdish Chandra said that construction around trees weakens their roots and branches and such trees should be shifted elsewhere. If trees are saved then there will not be a requirement of massive plantation drive for greenery, he added.

However, none of the mechanisms are being followed by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) to save the city green cover.

In Bhopal, Capital Project Administration (CPA) and BMC are responsible for greenery of the city, however, none of the two agencies are doing their job responsibly as far as saving the capitalís green cover is concerned. Ironically, the Civic body which has the task of saving the trees, have painted the dired ones across the city. Even the municipal body does not have any data of the number of dead trees in the city.

BMC to identify ailing trees: Singh

BMC deputy commissioner Vishal Singh said that he will issue a letter to identify dry/dead trees or such trees that are infested. He further said that the municipal body will identify the ailing trees now as the staff of the garden section were currently busy in removing the fallen trees in the rains.

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