Madhya Pradesh: Doctors in Bhopal visit non-Covid patients at home

Bhopal: The surge in Covid-19 cases across the state has created panic even among patients suffering from other diseases.

They are not able to find any doctor for consultation or any bed in the hospitals in case their condition worsens.

A few doctors and medics in Bhopal have taken an initiative to make home visits to such patients.

Dr Deepti Bhargava said she has been doing home consultations for past two days and has visited over a dozen patients.

She said she is consulting the Covid-19 patients online so that she can negate the chances of her spreading infection among her non-Covid patients.

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Bhargava said the patients suffering from other illness tend to worry more during time of distress.

Home consultations calm them down and reinstate their faith in doctors and in themselves.

She said one of the patients she visited was a long-term asthma patient and the stress of Covid-19 had increased the severity of their existing illness.

Dr Manish Kedia, physician and cardiologist, is also visiting the patients at home.

He said the non-Covid patients cannot be ignored as such cases are on the rise.

There are many medics who have been consulting online or over the telephone, he said, adding that home consultations help the patients better.

He said when a doctor tells a patient that he will soon recover face to face, they believe in it and so their recovery rate also goes up.

A staff nurse, Mukesh, who has been practising with senior doctors for past 35 years said though he cannot visit patients with critical illness, he tries to help out as many people as he can who are suffering from minor illness.

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