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Madhya Pradesh Bypolls: BSP may dent Congress, BJP prospects in 15 seats

In 2018 elections, BSP candidates bagged 3,41,798 votes and in more than 12 places its candidates were 3rd on the polling tally.

In the ensuing bypolls to 28 Assembly seats, BSP candidates may play spoilsports for Congress and BJP on more than 15 seats. As many political leaders changed sides, the top brass of the two rival parties had to select candidates for the ensuing polls taking into account their newly discovered loyalties. However, their attempt to accommodate these new faces left many frowning within the party.

Many displeased leaders, seeing no future in their parent party, first rebelled and on seeing that no one was taking note of it, left for ‘good’. Many rebelled Congress and BJP leaders have shifted their allegiance to other parties including BSP. The BSP seized the opportunity as this gives it a chance to dent into the vote share of the Congress and BJP candidates. Even as the political leaders have shifted their loyalties, the voters are still to make up their mind, believe political observers.

The two Congress leaders and ex-ministers Mahendra Boudh and Akhand Pratap Singh had left the party and joined the BSP and are now in the fray.

In the 2018 assembly elections, BSP candidates had bagged 3,41,798 votes and in more than 12 places BSP candidates stood on 3rd position on the polling tally.  Seven Assembly seats have been won by the BSP one or more times in the past. The BSP won Joura seat in 1993, 1998 and 2008, Morena seat (2008), Ambah (2014), Mehgaon (1993), Gohad (1993), Dabra (1993) and Karera (2003). Soneram Kushwah had won the Joura seat in 1993 and 1998 on BSP ticket, but finished fifth as Samajwadi Party candidate from the same seat in 2018 polls. Now, again he has returned to BSP and is contesting the bypolls.

As far as votes are concerned, BSP finished second from Joura seat in 2018, second from Ambah seat in 2008, second from Pohri seat in 2018, 2013 and 2008. BSP has repeated its 2018 polls runner up candidate Kailash Kushwah from Pohri seat this time.

In the 2018 polls, the party finished second behind Congress candidates in Joura and Pohri seats and third behind Congress and BJP candidates in Morena, Gohad, Dabra and Karera seats. However, it finished fourth from Ambah which it won in 2013 and fifth from Mehgaon.

S No- Name of the Constituency- Votes for BSP Candidate

1- Dabra- 13155

2- Bamori- 7176

3- Sanchi- 1029

4- Sanwer- 2844

5- Sumawali- 31331

6- Morena- 21149

7- Dimini- 14,456

8- Ambha- 29715

9- Mehgaon- 7597

10- Gohad- 15477

11- Gwalior East- 5446

12- Bhander- 2461

13- Karera- 40026

14- Pohri- 52736

15- Ashoknagar- 9559

16- Mungawali- 14202

17- Haatpipaliya- 2347

18- Badnawar- 2099

19- Suwasra- 1688

20- Gwalior- 4596

21- Dabra- 13155

22- Bada Malhera- 14922

23- Joura- 41014

24- Agar- 1978

25- Biaora- 5664

26- Nepanagar- 2918

TOTAL- 341798

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