Madhya Pradesh: Black fungus should be detected while treating Covid-19 patients

BHOPAL: Black fungus, or mucormycosis, infection should be detected at the time of treating a Covid-19 patient in government hospitals, as well as in private health centres. Once black fungus is detected at an early stage, the patients neither require surgery, nor do they lose their lives because of the infection.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan held discussions about black fungus with the doctors of Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore, Rewa and Gwalior. He took feedback on the endoscopy sets which have been brought to the medical colleges for treating black fungus.

Chouhan has advised the doctors that the hospitals treating Covid-19 patients should begin to detect black fungus, the treatment of which is a costly affair. The government would bear the expenses of black fungus treatment, he said, adding that the Covid-19 patients should get all facilities.

At the meeting, ENT specialist Dr SP Dubey made a presentation on black fungus. He explained how fungus accumulates, how it grows and at which stage it should be treated to save a patient. Otherwise, the limb of a patient might have to be amputated, he said.

Patient's eyes, ears being examined

* The doctors have begun to examine black fungus symptoms among corona patients being treated at the government and private hospitals

* According to sources, the doctors are checking the mouth, eyes and nose of a patient to detect black fungus

* All feedback on the patients concerned is being collected before giving them steroids

* The doctors are also monitoring the sugar levels of the patients and oxygen pipes

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