Stray Animals
(Representative Photo)
Stray Animals (Representative Photo)

BHOPAL: The animal lovers have come out to feed stray dogs and other animals during the lockdown. They arrange food for them and also get medical care for the needy ones. They face a lot of problems like police barricading and objection from local residents who do not like stray dogs around in this humanitarian service.

Government officials have also joined in the movement to serve animals this time, like what they are doing to humans.

They are not only feeding the animals but asking their friends to feed at least one stray dog outside their homes.

Fire officials in the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) Sajid Khan says, "The animals need water and food in summer and during curfew, there is a shortage for these essentials. I personally feed the dogs around my house and on the route to my office but, I also seek involvement of my friends in this noble cause."

Sandhya Kumbhkar, a HR manager in a private firm, says she feeds at least 150 dogs every day. Now the police have sealed the roads between Nehru Nagar, where she lives, and Bhadbhada. Now she has to reach Bhadbhada via P and T square and the policemen are not allowing her as she is not associated with any NGO.

Ayan Khan, who feeds dogs in many areas of the city, says he has formed a group of animal lovers and they try to coordinate with each other in feeding the stray animals in all the areas.

He says it is not easy to reach everywhere during the curfew so they are working with cooperation of each other.

Most of these social workers are not associated with any NGO and they do not have permission from the administration to do this service. Hence, they are working through social media and with coordination of different groups.

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