Khandwa : Sumit Kumar, son of legendary singer Kishor Kumar, along with Anoop Kumar’s sin Arjun Kumar came to Khandwa with their legal advisors on Monday, to assess the worth of Kishore Kumar’s ancestral house.

They discussed the details with the property broker over there.

The art lovers of the area have been emphasizing on developing Kishore Kumar’s ancestral home as a monument which propagates musical highs of Kishore Kumar. The fans had suggested the government to buy the property and develop it.

However, the music lovers are in great distress over the situation of the house.

It is to be noted that, Ganguli House located in Khandwa gave India a versatile singer on August 4, 1929. The damaged house is in shackles and might fall anytime. However no one feels interested in the house—except fans of Kishore Kumar.

The house during partition of the ancestral property went to younger brother of Kishore Kumar—Anoop Kumar. Arjun Kumar became the heir of the property after death of Anoop Kumar—who does not feel any connect to the house—except taking it as a piece of property.

This is the reason why Sumit Kumar, son of Kishore Kumar and Arjun Kumar, son of Anoop Kumar came to Khandwa with their legal advisors. However, when scribes asked them about the reason behind coming to Khandwa—they said that they have come to see their house. They termed the sale of property as a mere rumour.

The property has 11 shopkeepers as tenants. And there are reports where some tenants including Mohan Vidhani and Baba Bhai met Arjun Kumar, in Mumbai and he confirmed that it will be taken care that the tenants face no issues in case the house is sold.

Some of the tenants have valid documents, who say that they would go the high court in case they do not get adequate compensation. While the tenant shopkeepers are still in distress—Seetaram, the watch man of the house too is tensed to know about the developments and has questions about his existence on the post of a watch man.

Ganguly house at Khandwa was one abode, where Kishore Kumar used to come to spend some peaceful moments. Kishore Kumar feel that selling Ganguly House, which their relatives considered to be a property, will leave them heart broken.

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