Indore: District Consumer Redressal Forum Indore 2 ordered a dealer of electronic goods to replace a fridge valued at Rs 65,000 to a customer and pay Rs 10,000 to compensate for mental stress caused to the latter. Besides, the dealer was asked to pay Rs 2,000 as processing fee. Government employee Mohammad Shamim, son of Khwaja Wajid, 62, had filed complaint against the dealer after repeatedly trying to replace the fridge. Plaintiff had bought Samsung refrigerator on August 12, 2018, from the dealer after paying Rs 65,000. As per terms, the dealer was required to deliver the fridge to plaintiff’s house. The fridge was delivered at his house. While taking out the fridge from vehicle, the fridge fell on the ground.

When checked, the fridge had dents on both the sides and its door was off the balance. Demanding for replacement, the plaintiff had approached the dealer. However, the dealer refused to replace the damaged fridge and claimed that fridge was functional. On customer’s request, the dealer sent an engineer to plaintiff’s house. The deputed engineer inspected the fridge. He reported that fridge has been damaged and door is imbalanced.

Though the dealer offered to settle the matter by replacing fridge door, complainant was not satisfied. Later, he approached consumer forum. After hearing arguments of both sides, the forum directed dealer to either replace the refrigerator of same model or refund fridge cost of Rs 65,000.  The forum also said that dealer will have to pay interest at the rate of 9 percent per annum on amount if its order is not followed.