Ratlam : The schedule of Indore bound DEMU trains will come into effect from October 2. The first DEMU train will commence its journey at 6.30 AM from Ratlam and will reach Naugaona at 6.37 AM, Preetam Nagar 6.56 AM, Runija 7.06 AM, Sunderabad 7.15AM, Barnagar 7.26AM,Peerjhalar 7.36AM, Gautampura 7.45AM, Osra 7.54AM, Fatehabad 8.04AM, Ajnod 8.17AM, BalodaTakun 8.26AM, Palia 8.36AM,Laxmibai Nagar 9.02AM and Indore at 9.15AM. From Indore DEMU will depart at 10.10AM and will reach at Laxmibai Nagar 10.18AM, Palia 10.31AM, Baloda Takun at 10.45AM,Ajnod 10.50AM, Fatehabad 11.03AM, Osra 11.12AM, Gautampura 11.22AM, Peerjhalar 11.30AM, Barnagar 11.41AM, Sundwerabad 11.51AM, Runija 12.01AM, Preetam Nagar 12.10AM, Naugaon 12.20AM and Ratlam at 12.45AM.

Second DEMU train will depart at 1 PM from Ratlam and will have stoppages at all the stations and will reach at Fatehabad at 2.40PM .This DEMU train will return from Fatehabad at 2.50PM and with stoppages at all stations on route will reach Ratlam at 4.30PM

Third DEMU train will depart from Ratlam at 4.45PM and with stoppages at all stations on route will have reach Laxmibai Nagar at 7.10PM where passengers will have connection of Nagda-Indore passenger train for going to Indore. From Laxmibai Nagar this train will depart at 7.20PM and will have stoppages at all stations on route and will reach Ratlam at 10 PM.

The fare from DEMU train will be as under from Ratlam: Nauganwa Rs.5, Pritam nagar Rs.5, Runija Rs.5 Sunderabad Rs.5, Barnagar Rs.10, Pirjhalar Rs.15, Gautampura road Rs.15,Osra Rs.15, Fatehabad Rs.20, Ajnod Rs.20, Balauda takun Rs.20,Palia Rs.25, Laxmibai Nagar Rs.25 and Indore Rs.30.

The DEMU trains are likely to attract large number of passengers.

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