District administration’s plan to rehabilitate the community notorious for being indulged in despicable activities raise the hackles of the colony residents

BETUL: The district administration has been planning to rehabilitate the Pardis for many years. However, the residents of the places where the administration decides to send Pardis reach the collectorate to protest the administration’s move.

A large number of people from Hamlapur, a colony at the district headquarters, reached the collectorate and handed over a memorandum to collector Rajesh Prasad Mishra asking him to send Pardis to somewhere else instead to rehabilitating them in their locality. Chhuttan Patel, Manish Soni, Mohit Malviya, Barvari Lal, Santosh Sahu, Suil Ahake and others said the Pardis are tainted for criminal activities.

They pick up fight with anyone on slight provocation. Even their women also run activities like prostitution, gambling, liquor trafficking. The atmosphere of Hamlapur would be affected badly when these people would start living there.

Incidentally, the Pardis have been living on the ground of School of Excellence after former MLA Sukhdev and Multai Janpad Panchayat vice-chairman Raja Panvar led a mob to torch hutments of Pardis at Chouthia village. The administration’s plan to rehabilitate the Pardis hit the roadblock every time when a place is selected.

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