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Gandhi Jayanti 2020: Gandhian way of life helps many to shoo corona away

They have opted for Mahatma’s values, emerged victorious
Representational Pic | PTI Photo

Representational Pic | PTI Photo


The Gandhian lifestyle has turned out to be the best way to overwhelm covid-19, say a few eminent people in the city who fought the disease and won it.

They told Free Press on the eve of 150th birth anniversary of the Mahatma that his teachings not only helped them overcome the disease but also made them livelier than they were earlier.

According to theatre actor and director Bishna Chouhan, immediately after she tested positive for covid-19, she spoke to everybody about it. So that her family members and friends remain safe, she says.

It was the Mahatma’s teachings that helped her give a wide berth to the fright that the name of covid-19 generally spawns, she says.

Without getting panicky she informed the administration about her illness and sought to go to a quarantine centre, she says.

She took the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi to the centre where her life was highly disciplined.

She read the book daily and got inspiration about how to remain calm and how to do her own work. She washed her clothes, which she hardly did at her home.

Chouhan says what is more, she learnt how to control anger, and that made her more positive than she was earlier.

She has made some videos of her quarantine period and sent them to her friends. Her message was – Corona se Dare Nahi Balki Lade – as the Mahatma did against the British. Saying this, she smiles like any other winner of a battle.

Similarly, city superintendent of police, Aleem Khan, who was admitted for 18 days in Chirayu Hospital, says his strong willpower helped him defeat the virus.

Khan says he told everybody that he had tested positive for covid-19. Khan was probing Tablighi Jamat case. He knew he might be struck down by the disease.

Yet, like a true Khan he did his duty first, and the Mahatma’s teachings came handy for him to win the battle. He says he eats non-vegetarian food which he kept away from.

In charge director of Ustad Alauddin Khan Sangeet Evam Kala Academy, Rahul Rastogi, was quarantined in AIIMS Hospital with his wife for 14 days.

He says Gandhi’s Experiment with Truth is relevant today. Rastogi says one can lie to others but not to oneself, and both he and his wife followed the corona-protection norms.

He says Gandhi would promote cotton and Khadi. Rastogi wears Khadi-made masks which became life-saver in the time of corona.

Likewise, PRO of MP Public Relations office Rajesh Pandey who overwhelmed covid-19 says it is the Mahatma’s teachings that really inspired him to fight the demon.

He tested positive for the disease, and was in a hospital for ten days. There, he learnt how to become self-dependent and more disciplined. In the hospital, he washed his own clothes, and was very particular about cleanliness.

Head of the pulmonary department of Gandhi Medical College Dr Lokendra Dave says cleanliness, one of the principles of the Mahatma, is very relevant nowadays.

Dr Dave followed it in letter and spirit. He says another principal of Gandhi is speaking truth. Once one has tested positive for the disease, one should not shy away from revealing it to others.

Therefore, when he tested positive, he spoke about it to everybody. He followed all the corona-norms and made his life more disciplined than earlier.


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