Finding solace in tattoos

BHOPAL : Finding solace in today’s world has made people wander in search of peace with unconventional ideas. Bhopal is also not left untouched with the spree to find peace through one such idea- Tattoos.

The youth of Bhopal have been highly influenced by the fashion trends of metro cities and in the same row Bhopalites are going to tattoo parlours to get tattooed themselves which gives them peace. From reiki symbols to gods, mantras, motivational quotes and signs which mean something, like infinity, semi-colon, etc. These young tattoo doers feel that it is the best way to express themselves without making it a public affair and it gives them positive energy.

The tattoo artists feel that the pain you feel while getting tattooed often gives pleasure to person suffering from depression and thus they make sure that the person is not getting any such pleasure in pain and they also take permission from their parents before giving them the tattoo.  Bob and Swapnil are tattoo artists and have shops at New Market and 7 No. stop.  “We now get more than 40 per cent personalised tattoos and to be really honest, this trend has raised our market”, said Bob.  He has been tattooing since 2011. Swapnil says that tattoo is a great way of expression. “Earlier in Bhopal, I did tattoos ideas from internet but now young people are coming with their own ideas and designs, which give them peace.  They are also getting Shiva and Buddha tattooed on their body to feel positive.”

Shubham Agarwal

“I suffered from depression and had suicidal thoughts, which worried my family members. My mother made me promise that I will never try to commit suicide and it was then that I decided to get a tattoo of her name on my wrist. Later when I surfed through the internet, I found semi-colon, which symbolised a campaign dedicated to represent love and hope towards those who suffer from depression, suicidal tendency, addiction and self injury. I know what I was going through and hence this symbol gives me immense strength to fight against the hidden negativity inside me”, says Agarwal. He got treated for depression for a whole long year.

Anshuma Sharma

The post graduate student has got a Reiki power symbol- ‘Cho- ku-rei’. “I got this tattooed to keep myself powerful and full of energy. Generally, Reiki symbols are gestured in air with a hand held a few inches away from boy of the subject and its power is felt in the soul. I have this power symbol on my wrist which gives me the strength and keeps me away from negative energies. I have also got the name of the person who is most important to me above an arrow sign, which means the more you pull away, the closure I will come. It is basically, the way to keep myself moving”, said Sharma.

Vidhi Singh

The young lady has Ganesha and music symbols etched on her wrist. “We pray to Ganesha first when we begin worshiping and Ganesha on my wrist gives me the courage to take up risks. I was very shy and diffident. Now, I look at the tattoo and start doing what haunted me earlier. The music symbol was to denote the energy music fills within me. I got both the tattoos to deal with my problems, but people tell me that I have copied so and so. I don’t care anymore about them now”, said Singh.

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