Updated on: Thursday, July 29, 2021, 07:13 PM IST

Decongesting jails: Undertrials on parole will not have to surrender soon, says Madhya Pradesh Home minister amid Covid-19 third wave warning

3000 undertrials to get relief in Madhya Pradesh, no decision on prisoners on parole
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BHOPAL : Around 3000 undertrials who were granted parole during the corona period will not have to surrender till further orders, said the home minister Narottam Mishra here on Thursday.

The decision comes in wake of the Supreme Court’s order stating that undertrials on parole or bail should not be called back to the jails as the threat of Covid-19 third wave looms large.

The state government is going to release an order to this effect soon, said minister.

Sources informed that the Court order was given for the ‘under trials’ and the name of ‘prisoners’ was not mentioned in the order.

From the state jails, around 5000 prisoners are on parole, the state government or the Court have to issue a separate order for them.

The first parole was decided on March 28, 2020 just after the announcement of national Lockdown. Since then the extension has been given several times, because of Covid-19. Jails are overcrowded and it is not possible to ensure social distancing in the jail. The prisoners who were in the jail for last five years in normal offence –other than rape, murder and other heinous crimes- were granted parole. 

The accused of compoundable offences, the accused of section 436 and 436A of CrPC got the benefit of parole.  The accused of 379, 380, 381, 404, 420 of IPC, the accused of 107,108,109 and 151 of CrPC. Also the accused who are sick or infirm and require specialised medical treatment are the beneficiary.Undertrial women offenders, accused who are first time offenders.

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Published on: Thursday, July 29, 2021, 07:13 PM IST