Day remains cloudy, yet Bhopal weathers stickiness

BHOPAL: The residents of the city have weathered stickiness in the past few weeks. The clamminess has been so intense that people are drenched in perspiration without switching on a fan or an air-conditioner. Using coolers is out of question. In this dank weather, a cooler barely functions.

In the morning, clouds sometimes gather. Yet, as soon as the morning slips into noon, they drift away. The stickiness, then, becomes more intense, more unbearable.

A few areas in the city received rainfall on Sunday. The main city has, however, been deprived of it. Sunday was partly cloudy from the morning. The sun peeped through the grey sky. Still, it did not rain. The slimy weather continued to torment the residents.

The clouds began to darken the city welkins in the evening. It deepened the sweatiness, however. A person sitting without switching on a fan is beaded with perspiration in a few seconds.

The sticky weather has caused dehydration and fever to many people. The city has just emerged from the second wave of the pandemic. It is hobbling back to normal. So, such weather has made it difficult for many people to do their regular work efficiently.

Wearing masks—which is a must—has become more difficult than it was last month. Visors make a person perspire more. It also causes irritation in one’s nose in this kind of weather.

People cannot ignore wearing face coverings, nevertheless. Whenever a person enters a shop without a mask, the shoppers already standing there look suspiciously at the without-visor man.

The cloudy sky on Sunday, however, brought some hope that it would rain—and rain well. The Met office, too, has predicted heavy rainfall this week. The drying Upper Lake has already begun to look forlorn. The citizens are waiting to soak themselves in the expected downpour.

Thus, the coming days will be comfortable for the citizens, although Mother Nature is unpredictable.

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