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BHOPAL: Excess of anything is harmful but panic-stricken people are trying anything under the sun, be it home-made remedies, herbal concoctions, OTC medicines or supplements, to ward off the deadly coronavirus.

People are leaving nothing to chance when it comes to taking precautions against Covid-19, they without giving a second thought are mindlessly consuming vitamins, protein supplements, gulping bitter Kadha and chewing herbal tablets.

Hundreds of notes sharing ‘prescriptions’, medications, homemade tonic, herbal potions are doing rounds on social media and people without giving a second thought are giving it a try. Without consulting the physicians, the people are also going for over the counter (OTC) medicines and supplements, which could cost them dear.

For strengthening immunity, people are going for vitamin C, zinc and protein supplements without consulting the doctors. Their overdose may have side effects and people with issues like blood pressure, kidney or heart problems, diabetes and thyroid should take special precautions while taking any OTC medicine.

The doctors have advised the people to take any OTC tonic and supplements with utmost care and in required quantity. They have been advised to consult a doctor as they are the best person to prescribe a dose keeping person’s health condition and other co –morbidities in view.

Dr Lalit Gangele, homeopathy, said, “Consumption of even tonic at your own sweet will without consulting a doctor is not justified. People should consult a physician before consuming the medicines to prescribe dose. They may have other diseases like Blood Pressure (BP), diabetes, thyroid, acidity and any overdose might prove harmful.”

Dr ID Chaurasia, medical superintendent Hamidia Hospital, said, “ People should go for OTC as this practice is wrong. They may develop other health issues if they already have blood pressure, or any kidney or heart disorder. Even medical stores should also not give medicines without doctors’ prescription. People are going with the information and advice circulated on social media. ”

Dr Azad, Ayurved, said, “ Even if people consume excess water, they vomit. So it shows that excess of everything is harmful. People should consult a qualified doctor to get the right dose of medicines; be it homeopathy, ayurvedic and allopathy all medicines are to be given in required quantities as per the person’s age, body weight and other health condition. Otherwise, it may be harmful. Actually, corona fear has gripped people and they are just trying any medicine they are being suggested, without giving a second thought as to who is advising them and what is the composition, the doze.”

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