Madhya Pradesh: Watch video of BJP MLA with 9 children bat for population control act, says he would have stopped if Muslims would have been included in erstwhile sterilisation programme

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Ramlallu Bais, a 3rd term BJP MLA from Singrauli district and father of 9 children, has hailed the enactment of Population Control Act. "I would not have 9 children if the then government had implemented a sterilization programme for Muslims".

He was talking to the media on Sunday evening on the necessity of enacting the Population Control Act. Videos of his statement went viral on social media on Tuesday.

Replying to a query, he said that it (sterilisation programme) was only imposed on Hindus. “Khali Hindu par thopenge to nahi hoga, agar Nasbandhi Muslims par bhi lagu hota to apan bhi ruk jaate (It can’t be successful by implementing only on Hindus. Had it been imposed for Muslims, I would have stopped),” Bais said justifying having nine children.

He further said that the children were blessings of God. “Those who don’t have children, the government doesn’t give them children. Therefore, we should consider children as blessings of God,” he said.

He also held the BJP government responsible for population growth in the country. “Congress government had implemented a two-child policy for election and government jobs. But, when BJP came to power, this policy was scrapped and the population kept growing. Now, it is the right time to reconsider the old policy,” he said.

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