Bhopal's private hospitals still face acute shortage of Remdesivir injections

If 40 Remdesivir injections are requisitioned from the stockist, only 10 are supplied: Private hospitals.

Staff Reporter | Updated on: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 11:28 PM IST

Covid body being taken out of a Bhopal hospital on Saturday.
 | FPJ
Covid body being taken out of a Bhopal hospital on Saturday. | FPJ

BHOPAL: Acute crisis of Remdesivir injections continues in private hospitals in the state capital. Due to this, family members of the Covid patients are moving from pillar to post for making arrangement for Remdesivir. The health department has ordered stockists to supply the injection directly to the hospitals. Even then, the crisis has not been solved. Remdesivir injection is given for protection of lungs from Covid virus. But now, it is being given after certain stage of the Covid patients.

As per private hospitals, if 40 Remdesivir injections are demanded from the stockists, only 10 injections are supplied. This is the condition of Remdesivir supply in the state capital. It is a challenging task for private hospitals to make arrangement for the injection. JK Hospital and Sidhdhanta Hospital have shed lights on acute supply of Remdesivir injection. JK Hospital management said that there is shortage of injection for the Covid patients.

Earlier, government had taken control of the supply of Remdesivir and the private hospitals were supplied as per their requirements. Now, the stockists have been instructed to supply directly to the private hospitals. Just couple of days ago, the state was provided 9600 injections and out of it, 2016 injections was supplied to Bhopal.

'Acute crisis'

"There is acute crisis of Remdesivir injection. Even after direct supply from stockists, crisis of Remdesivir has not been solved. Private hospitals are not getting injections as per requirements, leading to acute crisis of Remdesivir injections," says Dr Subodh Varsney, Sidhdhanta Hospital.

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Published on: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 11:28 PM IST