Bhopal Weather Update: Corona deprives city of monsoon maza

BHOPAL: Rain clouds are back. For the residents in the City of Lakes it is time to bask in the real August weather after a clammy July.

The mornings are misty, and the evenings hazy. The sun hidden behind the dark canopy of clouds for the past several days showed its face on Friday afternoon, though for a while.

The weather is pleasant. Yet, people look sad. The coronavirus seems to have feasted on melodic drip drop symphony.

One can neither smell the air nor inhale the freshness the rain has brought, because one has to sport mask.

Cloudy mornings, looking with wet eyes and swollen face upon the city, find its inhabitants unwilling to get out of bed. Otherwise also, only a few Bhopalis are early risers.

The corona pandemic and subsequent lockdown have made such people more lethargic. Still, many have to go to office.

Covid-19 has devoured the economy as well as all the festivals this year. The virus has deprived people of the joy of taking part in the functions on the Independence Day to be celebrated on Saturday.

Even the public celebrations of Ganesh festival and Durga festival have been banned. There is monsoon, but no maza.

It rained heavily in June, but July remained dry. There has not been continuous rainfall in August, although the sky remained cloudy. Intermittent rains have brought down the temperatures by several degrees.

Air conditioners and coolers have been switched off. At nights, one requires to cover oneself with a wrapper.

The weather office predicts heavy rain in different areas across the state. The state capital, too, is likely to experience downpour.

Bhopal’s weather is, however, a mischief-maker, and only a Bhopali knows about it.

Walls of some houses have already developed dark-green patches because of moisture. Roofs are not leaking.

As the city has received surplus rainfall, the trees have become greener, and the hills look more mysterious under the overcast sky. It seems they have mingled with the clouds.

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