Bhopal: Waterlogged roads give hard time to people admin reluctant

Bhopal: Nothing has changed and nothing will, we had faced the brunt of civic administration’s apathy last year and things are no different this year. Like any other year, we are struggling with water logging problem in Nehru Nagar area but the civic authorities are yet to pay any heed to our complaints, decried the residents in unison.

Every year during rains the people have to face the problem of clogged drains and water stagnation in the area but the administration have not been able come up with some effective solution. The city has witnessed good rainfall in last few days, but it has left the roads tattered.

  • Another resident of the area Prabhanshu Shukla, a student said that driving on these roads is very risky. Since water is accumulated on the roads it becomes tough to negotiate potholes and ditches while driving a two wheeler. There is always a threat of skidding on the road as potholes get submerged under rain water and become incognito.

Another resident Raman says that the turns on the roads have become very dangerous as water is accumulated there. We have to maneuver through the ditches and pothole cautiously otherwise it may prove fatal, he added. Commuting during rains on these roads on two wheelers, we not only have to be careful while driving, we even have to ensure that were are not drenched when other vehicles pass from our side splashing road water, Raman said adding that the authorities have to look into making proper drainage system in the area.

  • BL Purohit, a retired employee said that there is water everywhere on the roads and in this situation it is difficult for us to commute on the roads. The sewage chambers have also become weak and dilapidated due to heavy showers, he said expressing concern over the rise in the water borne diseases. During rains, roads almost turns into puddle and we have to think twice before leaving or homes it gets our cloths dirty even when we are on a two wheeler, he added.
  • Ram Singh, a resident of Nehru Nagar says that the following heavy rains roads have developed a number of potholes and it becomes very difficult to commute on these water filled roads. The whole stretch is full of potholes and hardly any road left. Some of the areas get fully submerged in water during rains and it becomes difficult to even wade through them.

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