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BHOPAL: Healthcare professionals say that, if children are vaccinated, they will be totally safe in the third wave in the country. Delay in children vaccination aged 12 years or above, leaves them to infection in possible third wave.

Madhya Pradesh High Court had pulled up the state government over the preparations for a likely third wave, stating that it was not justified to rearrange the facilities for making preparations for handling such an eventuality. It would be better to enhance facilities for children in the hospitals, the high court maintained. The high courtís instructions clearly reflect that rearranging the facilities will cause unnecessary delay in providing better care for children in the likely scenario of a third wave.

Bharat Biotech and Cadila have already started trials for children. More pharmaceutical companies should be given permission for trials as it will increase the volume of vaccines for speedy inoculation and will solve the problem of a vaccine shortage.

More trials necessary

The main thing is the availability of vaccines in the country. The government is trying its best and trials are also continuing. Itíll be easier than rearranging the facilities in the name of making preparations by the state governments for handling a third wave of corona. More pharmaceutical companies should be given permission to carry on trials so that more volume of vaccines will be in stock for speedy vaccination. We already have a strong chain of kidsí vaccination for immunity from regular diseases and it has a deep penetration in the rural areas, so, thereíll no problems in vaccinating children. -Paediatrician Dr Pradeep Kapoor.

Use the normal chain

The administration should focus on childrenís vaccination without any delay; otherwise, once a third wave starts, itíll be difficult to protect our children. Weíve already faced the brunt of the second wave which was more virulent than the first wave. We should use the normal vaccination chain which is already present in the country for kidsí vaccination. It has deep access in the rural areas. So, there should be no further delay. -Dr Subroto Mandal, cardiologist

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