Bhopal: Traders decry ban on single-use plastic
Image Source: Pixabay

BHOPAL: The decision to ban single-use plastic has rattled the plastic traders who feel they were not given required time to shift to better alternative.

Over 1000 traders here, engaged in disposable plastic cutlery business, decried that the administration did not take them into confidence before taking the decision. Pollution Control Board (PCB) claimed that policy was framed as per the guidelines of the Union government.

The board has decided to go after banning plastic cutlery items first, which include plastic tumbler, plates, bowls, fork plates, spoons or bottles below 200 milliliter size.

The decision of banning single use plastic will hit hundreds of people engaged in this business and even render many jobless, rued the members of disposable cutlery association, Bhopal.

Free Press Journal