Bhopal: Many cases come to Mahila Thana everyday complaining disputes in family, quarrel between husband and wife, unhappy marriages, etc. The counselling centre at Mahila Thana deals with such cases every Monday and Thursday and counsels to save the relationships and marriage. In the below cases, dispute between husband and wife ended up in court cases for divorce and the reason of dispute remained demand of money, share of property by husband, distrust, bad behaviour by in-laws and  husband.

Case 1

“I don’t want to live with him because I don’t trust the family anymore. My mother-in-law gave me tablets, which I didn’t know what they were and forced me to take them. How can I trust them”, said Rita (changed name), who came at the counselling centre from Mumbai. Rita seeks separation from her husband because her mother-in-law and sister-in-law do not cooperates with her and do not let her participate in the household work claiming that she does not knows any of it. “Just before marriage, they demanded cash and we gave them. After marriage, they asked me to bring my vehicle from Mumbai to Bhopal. I didn’t even stay there for two months. My husband also did not listen to me. Instead, whenever I talked to my mother, he kept asking me whom I was talking to”, said Rita. Rita worked as an accountant in Mumbai before marriage. She is married to Narendra, who is also an accountant. Within a week of marriage, disputes started taking place between them and now their case has been sent to court by counsellor for divorce.

Case 2

Anita (changed name) is a school teacher and so is her husband Ranjit. After their marriage, her husband started asking to get the house of her mother named after them, as she had no brother. When she refused to do so, the dispute started between them which took shape of a court case as Anita refused to live with her husband due to his demands.

Counsellor Mohib Ahmed said, “I am also shocked to find that educated people are still demanding dowry in one or other form. Not just the uninformed section but the well educated people too, demanding dowry is not good for the society. Also, families should understand that after marriage, husband and wife should be given their own space so that they can develop a good understanding instead of creating problems between them”. She also added that one of other root causes of the family dispute cases coming to counselling centre are due to the intolerance of family members and doubts. The excessive interference in couple’s life is also a factor which leads to disputes between them.

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