Updated on: Thursday, May 30, 2019, 01:58 AM IST

Bhopal: Tibetans boycott Chinese woolens


Bhopal: Tibetans have decided against selling Chinese woollen garments in Bhopal to protest China’s brutality towards the members of their community in Tibet. Tibetans flock to city with the onset of winter every year to sell woollen garments made in India and China.

They set up stalls under the banner of Refuge Sweater Sellers’ Association (RSSA) at MP Nagar, New Market and Sangam Talkies to do their business that begins in the first week of November and continues till January-end.

Association members told Free Press that they would sell Indian woollens and boycott selling Chinese woollen garments. Migmar, manager of the association, said, “We have been selling woollens made in India and China in Bhopal for 40 years, but we have boycotted Chinese woollen garments this year because Chinese government is torturing Tibetans and have deprived them of their rights. ”


He added, “Earlier, we used to sell 40 percent Chinese made woollens including leather jackets which we bought from Delhi. We are paying 5% GST but that has not affected our business.”

A vendor, Tesewang, who hails from Bangalore said, “We have boycotted Chinese woollens this year because China is our enemy. China government is killing our people mercilessly. Why they should reap the fruits of our hard work? We used to sell 20% Chinese items including those meant for children because it was cheaper.”

The vendor who has displayed their woollen garments at MP Zone 2, said, “GST has not much affected our business but the tax-related formalities were difficult to complete.”


“We have huge varieties of woollens made in India for males, females and children. We have ‘Modi coat’ for male buyers whose range starts from Rs 740 to Rs 1200. It is made of cashmilon wool of Punjab. We are not selling Chinese woollens this year,” said Pssang who has been selling woollens for 19 years at Tin Shed, New Market. She further said, “I think the sale is down due to weather. Once the winter settles in, the sale would go up.”

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