BHOPAL: Tennis is meant for sportspersons coming from affluent and wealthy families has been reduced to a myth by tennis veterans of capital city. According to them how one approaches the game and to what extent one is willing to make compromise or adjustments for the sake of game makes all the difference. There are examples galore in MP – of children from economically weaker section of the society excelling in this sport. Free Press spoke such tennis veterans of Madhya Pradesh who vouch that tennis neither is nor should be limited to the affluent lot of the society.

Anil Dhupar, secretary-Madhya Pradesh tennis association

“It is a fact that in yesteryears tennis was played only in clubs but this concept is gone. There are many schools and academies in Bhopal that promote tennis. Tennis is a tough sport and demands dedication, unlike other sports it takes a lot more time for a child to pick up this game. In fact now scholarships are being doled out to players to play tennis.”

Anurag thakur, secretary- gwalIor tennis association

“Anyone who wants to, can play tennis. It was held that tennis is played by people belonging to high income group of the society. Today, there are many facilities available for little or no cost, and either new or used equipment such as rackets can be purchased from a variety of sources, or rented. Actually better awareness is needed to promote tennis among all classes of the society. As with many things in life, money is often still the determinant of whether one gets in, or does not.”

Pramod Dixit, senior tennis Player

“There are tennis courts in about 38 districts of Madhya Pradesh which proves that tennis now not limited only to privileged few in the society. It was a good initiative that an All India level tournament was held at Bhopal but to truly promote a sport one needs to organise such tournament in smaller districts. There are many schemes of the sports department which promote players who belong to economically weaker section. It is just a matter of awareness and approach towards the sport that one wants to play.”

IK Mahajan, Director- Future tennIs academy

It is not necessary that one has to belong to the upper class of society to play tennis. If one has potential, in today’s scenario one can do really do well at aby sports. Khelo India Program of government is an appreciable initiative and one can avail benefits through this scheme too. It is the enthusiasm and will of a player whether he wants to play and achieve in a sport. Resources are available, there are many scholarship programs. In my academy I have players from economically weaker section of the society but they are making a mark in tennis.