Bhopal: In the wake of the Ryan International School horror, government authorities of different levels – ranging from the DIG of Bhopal Range to minister for school education – have issued a slew of instructions to schools and colleges. They include installation of more CCTV cameras, compulsory police verification of drivers and conductors of school buses and ensuring that each bus has a female attendant.

While the managements of the schools say that they would abide by the instructions of the government, they are not sure whether these measures will offer an abiding and effective solution to the problem they seek to address. Many see the instructions as a sort of knee-jerk reaction – symbolic and superficial instead of substantive and thoughtful.

Mind doctors feel that physical measures won’t work. They argue that as crimes are born in the mind; it is the mindset of the people which needs to be changed. We will have to strike at the roots instead of hacking at the leaves. We will have to treat the disease, rather than relieving the symptoms.

“School is reflection of society. I think to deploy women attendant in buses can reduce the problem but not solved completely because offences or crime can be committed by any gender whether it is male or female,” says Rajesh Kumar Sharma, principal of Bal Bhawan School. He further says on safety measurements in his school, “We still have no female attendant in our school buses, so we are planning to deploy. Till now, our teachers are playing the role of attendant. We already have CCTV cameras and GPS facility in our buses. We have also done police verification of bus driver and conductor. We also made an ID card and special uniform in blue colour for bus drivers and conductors of our school.”

Winston Vijay Minj, PRO, Campion School, Arera Colony says, “Our school is boys school, so I don’t think there is any need of women attendant in buses. But we will follow if we get any order from government that it is mandatory for schools including boys. Still we didn’t get any directives regarding this,” adding that “ We have CCTV cameras, GPS and first aid box facilities in our all school buses and we do verification of drivers and conductors of buses time to time. We also deployed our teachers in each bus as attendant.”

“We will follow all directives which are issued by government as soon as possible but I don’t think it is will be more effective. There are many laws, made to stop rape, murder and other crime but still such crime didn’t stop, even it has increased. It can not be solved until the mindset of society will change. Also, parents should be friendly. They should keep faith on their children and always support them,” says Vasundhara Sharma, PRO of St. Joseph’s Co-Ed School, Arera Colony.

Jagdish Rathi, PRO of NRI School and College says, “We already have deployed female attendant in all 22 buses of our schools and teachers in all college buses. We also have CCTV in all buses and also given all documents of drivers and conductors to police for verification,” adding “ but at the same time it is true that crime can be stopped for a while to take some safety measurements but can’t removed from roots. It can only be solved by creating awareness.”

“Our school is government school. So, here is no bus system. Students come either by their own or public transportations. I think, management should be alert more. To deploy women attendant in school buses can not be last or final solution,” Sunita Saxena, principal of Govt. Subhash Higher Secondary School.

To deploy female attendant and install CCTV cameras in school buses is not at all solution to check such crimes. Nowadays, collective psyche of human is sensitising. They don’t care what they are doing even they have become used to of violence. They in fact have become victim of mental leprosy. It is not only matter Gurugram. The condition of MP is worst regarding corporal punishments and sexual harassment. I think, a talk on positive learning and its methodology should be done to check such crimes. Also, children nowadays live with loneliness, gadgets and TV. So, parents should develop good rapport with children. A positive communication between them is essential. – Dr Rahul Sharma, psychologist

It is immediate action of government which can be stopped the crimes at some extent. A long term strategy is needed to remove it from roots. Nowadays the people have become commercialised which is not bad but it should not be at the cost of morality. A moral education must be imparted among children. It also can not be solved until we change our mindset towards women.- Dr Sharda Singh, Assistant professor in Humanity Department, BSSS.

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