Bhopal: SIMI activists Safdar Nagori and 10 others have asked for transfer to a Gujarat jail, from Bhopal Central Jail. The jail superintendent has forwarded the application to the jail administration, whereas the Gujarat government has already informed the state government, ‘no need to transfer’. Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) chief Safdar Nagori and 10 members of his terrorist outfit were sentenced to life imprisonment by a special CBI court in Indore on February 27, in a major boost for law enforcement against the outlawed group which has allegedly been the feeder for jihadi groups.

Family members of some SIMI suspects lodged at Bhopal Central Jail have approached NHRC, alleging that prison authorities were torturing them and denying adequate food since the killing of eight under trials in an encounter last year. National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) team visited Bhopal Central Jail on June 21 to conduct on the spot inquiry for SIMI suspects.

Jail superintendent Dinesh Nargave informed Free Press that in the jail 32 SIMI activists were present. Around 600 to 700 Muslims, including prisoners and under trials were present. The other prisoners were performing their namaz and also reading Quran, but these activists baselessly made complaint to NHRC.

Nagori and other 10 who had been convicted by the court have stated that various cases are under trial in Gujarat state. The Gujarat government has already informed MP government that they are under trial of the case and through video conferencing their hearing is being conducted, so that it’s not needed to transfer them. He had also demanded that he wanted his own Quran to read and did not want to read the book given by the jail administration. The application has been forwarded to the jail headquarters for further action.

Free Press Journal