Bhopal: Regional Museum of Natural History (RMNH), Bhopal organised a Tree Identification programme at its premises on Saturday morning. It was part of summer nature study Programme (Green Teen). Ex-deputy conservator of Forest, Forest Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Sudesh Waghmare was the subject expert of this event. Waghmare detailed about tree size, canopy, shapes and types of leaves and barks, structure of flower, fruit etc. as tools for identification of trees; to the children. He also informed about the importance of trees in ecosystem and reasons for their conservation.

Champa, Subabool, Margosa, Ber, Indian Elm, Indian Beach, Indian Walnut, Copper pod tree, Rose Wood, Siamea, Jamun, Jatropa, Guava, Peepal, Banyan, Ficus Benzamina, Kachnar, Drum stick tree, White Shirish, Semal, Arjun, Indian Gooseberry, False Ashok, Kath Goolar, Canon Ball Tree, Yellow Oleander, Custard Apple Tree, Chakot Shirish, Jungle Jalebi, Goolar, Flame of the Forest, Pride of India, Bakain etc. were identified during the programme. During concluding session of the event scientist-B of the museum Manik Lal Gupta detailed that we should conserve the existing plant diversity and plant new trees to get sustainable benefit from these plants and to provide the ecological services of plant diversity to the animal diversity of the planet earth. Gupta coordinated the event.