BHOPAL: Recovery time from weakness in the post-Covid period for patients depends on the percentage of infection in the body. Normally, it takes 15-20 days for patients to get rid of their weakness after recovery from Covid, but, if the infection is severe, it takes even up to one month to one and a half months. If patients are on ventilators, it may take three months.

Many Covid patients have reported fatigue and weakness after testing negative following recovery from Covid. In such a situation, the way forward for better recovery is good nutrition, coupled with some essential tips for getting back into oneís daily routine.

The Covid-19 infection is an inflammatory condition that can have lasting effects for up to six-eight months even after a person gets cured, affecting different organs, especially the liver and lungs.

Attending doctors prescribe multivitamins and diets to Covid patients for quick recovery from weakness after discharge from hospital, which must be strictly followed.

In fact, it has been noticed that patients are taking up tp several months to recover from weakness in the post-Covid period during the second wave, which infected many times more patients in comparison to the previous one. Comorbidities, too, delay recovery from weakness of corona patients.

Comorbidities worsen condition

"Mildly infected patients take 15 days to 20 days, while patients in a slightly more serious condition take a month. If there are comorbidities with corona, the condition deteriorates, so the rest period extends and it takes even months for Covid patients to fully recover." -Dr AK Shrivastava, medical superintendent of TB Hospital

Rest period depends on severity

"The rest period for corona patients depends upon the severity of the corona infection. Normally, it takes 15-20 days in case of mild infection, but, if the infection is severe, patients may take even up to one and a half months to recover fully. Comorbidities also play a crucial role as they delay recovery as well as enhances weakness." -Dr Subroto Mandal, cardiologist

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