BHOPAL: BJP’s Pragya Thakur is no challenge to Digvijaya Singh, Congress candidate from Bhopal Lok Sabha seat, said party spokesperson Manik Agarwal here on Wednesday. Congressmen here have launched ‘Mai Bhi Digvijaya’ campaign and intensified electioneering , said Agarwal during a press conference here.  Former chief minister Singh has completed two rounds of meetings with the voters in city and now would now meet the electorates in neighbouring areas.

From May 5 to 10, Singh would undertake a padyatra from Bairagarh to Misrod. The Yatra will be divided in two parts, the Congress candidate would visit the urban areas and interact with voters and in the second leg, he would meet voters of rural areas, he informed.  A retired major general Shyam Sundar Shrivastava, who accompanied Congress spokesperson at conference, accused Prime Minister of misusing army for political interest.

Citing example he said, “in 1971, the then PM Indira Gandhi had divided Pakistan into two countries, but she never took the credit or showed it as her achievement in her public address. Similarly, former PM Atal Bihari Bajpyee had also eliminated insurgents from Kargil but never did he mention as his achievement in election speech”. “Modi and his men are terming Indian army as ‘Modi Army’, which is utterly wrong”, said the retired officer, adding that army is facing huge arms and ammunition crisis, but instead of fixing it PM is using the army’s name for the election purpose.