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Bhopal: Pallavi Kishan and her troupe presented 'Matki, Panihari’ and Sanja folk dance and delighted audiences at the Tribal Museum in the city on Wednesday.

It was part of the programme series ‘Gamak,’ organised by the directorate of culture.

The troupe from Ujjain, began with Matki Dance which is mostly performed in the Malwa region of the state. It is performed by women on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals .The dance is generally performed in a circular position. Women balance an earthen pot on their head. The dancers also have a veil on their face during performance.

It was followed by Panihari dance is a graceful dance for women; and the kacchi ghori, in which male dancers ride dummy horses. They ended their performance with a Sanja dance. In this dance, the dancers take a matki and dance to the beat of the dholak. On the 16 days of Shraddha Paksha, virgin girls gather at one place in the evening and sing hymn songs and perform aarti and distribute prasad. 'Sanja' is a festival of gentle and comfortable expression of the glorious culture of Malwa.

Besides, the event began with Kabir and Malvi songs, presented by Ajay Ganguliya with troupe from Ujjain. They presented songs like ‘Ram naam tu japle re bande…,’ ‘Gathri chhod chala banjara…,’ Phagan aayo re…,’ ‘Run-jhun…,’ enchanted the audience. The event was also streamed live on the social media pages of the culture department.

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