Bhopal: Oxygen and poor water quality reason for black fungus spread

BHOPAL: Oxygen quality and contamination of water used for oxygen supply for Covid treatment have also been blamed for the spread of black fungal infection in Covid patients in addition to the excessive use of steroids.

According to healthcare professionals, it is difficult for the common man to differentiate between oxygen for medical use and oxygen for industrial use. So, during shortage of oxygen, people blindly use any kind of oxygen cylinder they can lay their hands on during home isolation. So, the chances of spread of black fungus increase.

There are nearly 1,200 patients in various government and private hospitals in Madhya Pradesh out of whom 290 patients are undergoing treatment in the state capital. Around 100 patients have been admitted to Hamidia Hospital and 10 per cent of them were admitted for Covid treatment.

The other states have raised the issue and spoken about investigations into the quality of oxygen available in the country. However, the doctors also blame the rampant use of steroids which cause the black fungal infection through lowering of immunity in a patientís body. Black fungal infection spreads very fast and cases are cropping up in all pockets of the country.

Oxygen in home quarantine

"By the quality of oxygen, what we means is that, during the acute shortage of oxygen in the state, the patients desperate to procure cylinders couldnít differentiate between oxygen for medical use and oxygen for industrial useóespecially home-quarantined patients who used oxygen by themselves. The common man cannot differentiate between these two types of oxygen. Only the manufacturers or suppliers can tell the difference between the two. So, the chances were that the people blindly used any kind of oxygen that they could lay their hands on at home."- Dr Subodh Varsheny, Sidhdhanta Hospital

Follow proper protocols

"Most of the patients have come from other districts for black fungus treatment and are admitted to other hospitals. Only 10 per cent of the total number of patients had taken treatment in Hamidia Hospital. The main issue here is that the water used for supply of oxygen should be distilled water and, if potable water is used, itíll cause a spread of the fungal infection. Proper protocols should be followed."- Dr ID Chaurasia, neurologist, Hamidia Hospital

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