Bhopal: A group of industrialists met Chief Minister Kamal Nath on Tuesday and pointed out the lacunae in government policies and the challenges they are facing in running their business. Industrialists and head honchos of business groups attending the round-table meet called by Nath were quite vocal in expressing their concerns and views on the present scenario of the industry in the state.

First we are invited and then we are made to run from pillar to post to run the business, said some of the delegates rubbishing the impression of red carpet treatment being given to them. Nath had called the industrialists to understand the industry’s needs and attract investment.

Sharing their problems with the Chief Minister, the business heads and their representatives apprised him of the rampant bureaucratic red-tapism and non-cooperative administrative setup, which they claimed were hampering the industrial development in the state. “The previous government invited us to set up units and when we came no one helped us in shaping the industry,” said an annoyed industrialist attending the meet.

B K Goyenka of Welspun said he had submitted a proposal to established pipe manufacturing factory. He was given land for the unit in Raisen district, however the entire process got tangled as a part of land belonged to Central govt forest department and rest to state government.

When we sought NOC from the forest department, we were told to talk the state government and also to their officer sitting in New Delhi, informed Goyenka. “For last one- and-half-year I am running from pillar to post to get the approvals from the government, but neither the officers are paying any attention nor the politicians,” he rued.

Other industrialists too echoed same opinion. “We are made to go knocking every possible door to get our issue resolved,” said a representative of an industrialist. “The department and government are too slow in taking decisions. Sometimes they did unwilling to take decision and sometime they are unable to,” he added.

CM to look into issue of closed factories

The Chief Minister assured the delegates to call a meeting of the industrialists whose units have been closed down. Nath said that he would look into their issues and help them to restart their units. In industrial areas including Malanpur, Govindpura and Pithampura many units have been shut down.

Nath said by promoting investment, we will generate employment and also ensure better standard of living in the state. “Our goal is that those people who eat just one meal should now get two meals a day. Those who are having two-time meals should get even better food. They can live a happier and respectable life,” said CM.

Demands sops and concessions

The industrialists sought sops and better business environment from the government. One of the transporters attending the meet demanded ‘Free Permit’ to run buses in the state. “If anyone wants to run buses in the state, why should he need the permit? The government should end the permit system,” he said. Another industrialist asked for exemption from NPA Conjunction Charge, when the loss making company is merged with other firm. They said that government should only take the charge when a company purchases another healthy company.

lacunae in govt policies highlighted

Some of the industrialists pointed lacunas in the government policies. They asked, “When we invest Rs 100 crore we get 20 per cent subsidy, but when the investment amount is raised the subsidy comes down. Why would then one invest more in the state?” Some also raised concern over the high electricity cost.

Demanding low-cost power from the government, an entrepreneur said they are generating electricity costing Rs 7-8 per unit, while the government is power surplus and so the businessmen should be given electricity at low price for running the units.