Bhopal: The rainy season is about to arrive in the city and the showers will provide much needed relief from blistering summer. But it will also cause inconvenience to the residents of localities wherelogging is an issue. Residents of Nehru Nagar area are facing the issue for long time and in this season too they are doubtful about civic body’s action to solve the problem.

The drainage system is lacking attention of authorities as waste accumulation has left the nullah choked and it will spill over to nearby areas when rain starts. Main concern of residents in most of the colonies is the drainage system which is mostly choked due to waste accumulation in it.

Let’s have a look at Nehru Nagar where the drainage system is poorly maintained to an extent that in rains, waterlogging becomes a common issue. The water even enters houses of these residents which results in inconvenience. Suvarna Patil, who runs a beauty parlor in Nehru Nagar, describes waterlogging in the area is a major problem and her business will affected. She recalls the rains of last year when the water started gathering at the entrance of her parlor which not only caused problem to her but also to her customers.

“We had to use gravel to fix the problem temporality so that the water may not enter into the house and parlor. We have seen frogs entering into the house in rains due to waterlogging and we are apprehensive as other insects too could enter out house in the season if the issue is not addressed”.

Shubham Mudgal, an advocate whose house is located in Bhishm Kunj building, said the problem remains throughout the year but gets worse during the monsoon. Faulty drainage system is always causing inconvenience to us as waste from nearby nullah will spill on to roads which will flow into our building. Traffic of heavy vehicles are damaging these roads and create potholes paving way for waterlogging during rainy season, added Mudgal.

Another resident of the area KR Maheshwari said the waterlogging is a major problem here during monsoon. Since the nullah near our house is chocked with garbage and filth facilitating a breeding ground for mosquitoes. During rainy season the nullah overflows and waste water enters in our premises. It becomes really difficult to cross through the premises it without spoiling our clothes, adds Maheshwari.

Rinku Tiwari who also lives in the area said that the problem is not new to us. We face it every time when the rain arrives. We ourselves make efforts to get rid of waterlogging. Rain water not only accumulates in potholes on roads but also near our doors due to improper mechanism of drainage.

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