Bhopal: More than 60 cows die in six days in Khilchipur

BHOPAL: Death of 60 cows in less than a week’s time in Rajgarh district allegedly due to extreme weather has again brought into focus the veterinary care and shelters including gaushalas in MP.

About 60 cows have died of cold and other reasons in past six days in Shri Krishna Gaushala and other parts of Khilchipur town of Rajgarh district.

Of these 15 cows died on Saturday itself including seven cows in Shri Krishna Gaushala.

More than 300 cows had died in Shri Krishna Gaushala during the rainy season.

Locals allege that veterinary doctors do not attend cows despite repeated phone calls.

However, veterinary doctor maintain that cows have died due to reasons like cold, hunger and complication due to eating plastic bags.

“Most of the cows have died a natural death. Several cows are brought from outside the town,” said veterinary doctor Vipin Chandra. Most cases reach us only after the condition of animals become critical, he added.

“Doctors take due care of cows. They are also trying to find out the reasons behind death of cows. Instructions have been given to the staff to bring stray cattle to gaushalas,” said SDM Prakash Kabse.

Gau sewak, Manoj Gupta claimed, “About 65 cows died in past one week. They are dying because of hunger and lack of proper medical attention.”

Free Press Journal