Bhopal: Makhanlal Journalism University has knack for controversies

Bhopal: Removal of Vice Chancellor of Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Jagdish Upasne has opened a can of worms. Several institutions and individuals have come forward and demanded inquiry of entire tenure of former VC BK Kuthiala, who remained head of the institution for 10 years.

“This university was known more because of decisions like opening of gaushalas and introducing Pandit Deendayal in syllabus after cutting down chapters on Pandit Nehru,” said LS Herdenia of Rashtriya Secular Manch.
About a dozen petitions have been filed in various courts including High Court challenging appointments of faculty in the university. Other petitions have challenged the process of opening of study centers- sort of franchise- across the state.

“Though appointment of Kuthiala itself was not legal but all rules were thrown to the winds for extension of his tenure. That has been challenged in the court,” said a petitioner wishing not to be named. The general council and chief minister were kept in dark about several things related to extension of his tenure, he added.

More than dozen appointments were made in the university apparently because of their right wing inclination. There are examples of several faculty members- most of them at senior levels- who were not eligible but were appointed- even after complaints. “Faculty members with no teaching experience were appointed on salaries of Rs one lakh. There are others whose documents were in question,” said an official requesting anonymity. Several students have been awarded Phd degrees without completing basic formalities and turning rules.

Free Press Journal