Bhopal: It is ‘U-turn’ govt; democracy in danger, cries BJP

Bhopal: State Assembly on Wednesday passed Rs 72 crore third supplementary budget presented by finance minister Tarun Bhanot even as opposition party targeted the government for not allotting funds to many departments. Terming it ‘accidental government’, MLA Narottam Mishra said that Congress gained power in the state on the basis of false announcements and promises.

Participating in budget discussion, Mishra said Congress made false promise that they would waive farm loan up to Rs 2 lakh, but till date no loan has been waived off. “This is a U-Turn government, it had taken its decision back on Bhavantar scheme, Vande Mataram chant, pension of Misa and many others”.

Interestingly, instead of discussing the funds utilization, many of BJP MLAs debated on the formation of government and voiced their resentment over failure to retain power in the state. Claiming that Madhya Pradesh is surplus revenue state, Mishra refuted the government assertion that the state exchequer is empty. “If the financial health of the state is not good then from where is the money coming to renovate the CM and ministers bungalows,” he questioned. Mishra also accused the government of engaging in transfer business instead of working for the development of state and welfare of people. He alleged that government curtailed the budget of irrigation.

Alleging that democracy is in danger in the state, MLA Seetashran Sharma said chief minister had declared that district collectors will announce launch of all schemes and programme which are planned in the Assembly. Why have collectors being handed out responsibility of their launch? Asked Sharma.

The second assault on the democracy was done during the election of speaker and the third attack was made when it was stated that the ministers would not answer the questions, added Sharma. Sambal Yojan has been shut and for the health department not even a single rupee has been allocated , said Sharma. Taking up law and order issue, he said that once again kidnapping business is flourishing in the state.

On the same lines, BJP MLA Dr Mohan Yadav said that “Government has money to construct house in Mumbai and New Delhi, but they do not have funds for youth welfare and sports”. MLA Manohar Utwal stated that “For the constructions and development of the Ram Van Path Gaman only Rs 300 is allocated. Why, is the government can develop the Path in Rs 300.” After the discussion the third supplementary budget have been passed.

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