Bhopal: In a nutshell! This knowledge calendar tells all one needs to know

Bhopal: A knowledge calendar comprising information about various important dates related to history, geography, literature, environment, science and technology etc. has come up in the New Year in the city.

Very different from the other calendars, this interesting, informative and motivating calendar has been published by Quick Communication Services, Bhopal for the first time in the country. Launched in 2016, it is second edition of the calendar, which has been designed to cater to the people belonging to all age groups. While the back pages of other calendar are left blanks, the ones of the knowledge calendar provide some special information about constitution, economics, the Indian Army etc.

Two back pages of the calendar are dedicated to children as it informs about child abuse and prevention against the crime. The calendar carries all important events of 2017 on one of its back pages. Editor of the calendar, Anil Sirvaiyya told Free Press, “We launched the calendar in 2016 with an aim to disseminate information about important events and commemorative days among people in a nut shell.”

“It is India’s first quick calendar that provides academic information and it has been especially designed for those who take competitive examinations. Also, our goal is to create a world where one can find everything one needs to know. And it’s all supported by an ‘engine room’ of academicians,” said Sirvaiyya.

“The idea to publish such a calendar occurred to us when we saw that there are many media including radio, newspaper, magazines, TV and social media, but they are not enough to meet the requirement of students and those who are living in rural areas. Also, such medium cannot provide information quickly,” Sirvaiyya said.

He said that it’s a kind of wall-hanging newspapers which remains valid throughout the year. “It is a kind of tool that opens the gateway to internet; it means if you put a date on Google search you get the complete information about that,” he said. Significantly, the calendar throws light on many unknown freedom fighters. Besides, it carries inspiring quotes of great authors, philosophers and spiritual leaders like Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Ramkrishna Paramhans, William Shakespeare, Immanuel Kant and others.

A senior member of the editorial team of the calendar, Monika Jain said, “We have worked for the throughout the year, and we are getting good response from people, especially from students and those who are taking competitive exams. Last year we had published 5000 copies, but this year our target is to sell five lakh copies.”

“ A team comprising 10 subject experts and two graphic designers worked in tandem to give shape to this calendar. The team is also working to enrich the contents of the calendar that would be published next year,” Jain said.

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