Bhopal: Honey Trap case; Senior IAS officer & OSD to minister get call from SIT

BHOPAL: The Special Investigation Team has given a call to a senior IAS officer and an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) of a minister to record their statement into the Honey Trap case.

The SIT working under the new ADG Rajendra Kumar have started calling the people who are been identified in the videos pertaining to the case. The SIT is also trying to verify the videos with the help of five women accused of the case.

Sources informed that the senior IAS officer- called by the SIT- has been shifted from his department after his alleged video with one of the lady went viral on social media.

An accused Aarti Dayal had confessed that she prepared the video of one OSD and a businessman and that they had given her huge amount of money to keep the issue umder wraps.

When Free Press contacted the officers- they stated that they had not received any call, one of them said, “I am in Jaipur and I don’t know about any call,” while another claimed that all the facts being alleged are fake and fabricated.

The SIT’s strategy was to do its best to the identities of the officers, concealed. So the agency called the officers on holidays.

If officer were to be called on the working days their office and the staff would get to know about their visit to the SIT.

The SIT is also busy in preparation like questions to be asked by the investigation officers. The IO will sit with information related to the case, like videos, the work orders given to NGOs and the call details between the officer and the accused among others.

The agency plans to confront the persons seen in the videos by to showing them the videos in which they are allegedly present.

The officials will be also be probed about the money given to the racketeers and other benefits been extended in the form of work orders among others.

The laptops and the mobiles of the accused have revealed the details of the works been received by them.

The SIT officials did not have to visit the offices to gather information; the required information is found stored in their digital devices.

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