Bhopal: The ex-chief minister Digvijaya Singh has asked Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to hand over self-confessed perpetrators of terror, including Hafiz Sayeed and Masood Azhar to India. In an apparent poke to embattled cricketer-turned-Punjab minister, Singh asked Sidhu to prevail upon friend Imran.

Singh made a series of tweets on Tuesday about the situation after the February 14 Pulwama terror attack, “Come on Hon Prime Minister of Pakistan show Guts and hand over Hafiz Sayeed and Masood Azhar, the self-confessed perpetrators of terror in India. You would not only bail Pakistan out of financial crisis, but also be the front runner for Nobel Peace Prize.”

Also, Singh tweeted, “I know Modi Bhakts are going to troll me for this but I don’t care. Imran Khan a cricketer who I admire, can’t take on these Muslim fundamentalists and ISI sponsored terrorist groups, I can’t believe.” BJP terms it a rescue act Reacting to Singh’s tweets, the MP BJP spokesperson Rajneesh Agrawal said “Congress politicians, like Navjot Singh Sidhu, Manishankar Aiyar, Shashi Tharoor, Kapil Sibal and Digvijaya Singh are from the same league, which often hurts national pride.”

“The latest tweets about Sidhu are nothing, but a conscious effort by Singh to put the beleaguered cricketer-turned-politician in a comfortable position,” alleged Agrawal. ‘Do we want Kashmir with or without Kashmiris’ Singh’s tweet also pertained to report of targeting of Kashmiri students across the country in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack. “Can’t we as an Indian stop unnecessary persecution of innocent Kashmiri students and traders in rest of the country? Do we want Kashmir with Kashmiris or without Kashmiris? We as a nation have to make a choice.”