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Bhopal: GIS for property assessment proves a damp squib


Bhopal: The Bhopal Municipal Corporation’s ambitious geographical information system (GIS) for accessing immovable properties has failed to give desired results.

While launching the system, the corporation had thought it would be to be perfect for mapping out the exact areas of buildings in the city and would largely help in collection of property taxes. However, owing to several factors, – one being the lack of cooperation from the residents, the system so far has failed to provide any substantial information to the civic authorities. At present the system has been launched in three zones of the Stet capital including zone number 13, 18 and 19. The work of conducting survey to put up the data online was allotted to a firm ADCC Infotech. The survey was started through the new medium some six months back, but initially it got delayed for some technical glitches. Interestingly, the same system was introduced some years back and then too it had proved to be a failure causing a huge loss to corporation.

Residents’ unwillingness to allow the company officials to measure their properties is said to be one of the factors that is leading to its failure besides others. Since the people conducting survey are not directly related to the BMC, people suspect them when they knock their doors for accessing their properties.


Leave apart the property details, many refuse to give any information even about their house numbers. It is a problem to conduct survey in slums areas like Baghmughalia, but even people at posh colonies of our wards are unwilling to part any information, said an employee of the zone number 13.

People even do not tell their house numbers to the survey staff in many colonies, said an ADCC staff. The GIS could have efficiently worked had the residents cooperated. Some of the people argue while there are a few who were even ready to fight, said a survey worker.Dr Archana Sharma, in charge of property

Dr Archana Sharma, in charge of property tax said that the survey teams remain in touch with the municipal staff. If any such problem arises they contact us for sorting it out.


In case if anyone is reluctant to provide the sought data then we mark the house and keep its records. Municipal Corporation prepares their record. The project initially got delayed as we were not well acquainted with the new system, however, it is now successfully working, she added.

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