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Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Fishermen in Bhopal say they are facing losses due to the closure of markets during the lockdown put in place to curb the surge in Covid-19 cases in the state.

"We want the markets to reopen so that we can earn a living again. This lockdown has severely affected us. I urge the government to ease restrictions now," a local fisherman told ANI. Another fisherman, Gopal Raikwar said that he was earning meagerly as low as Rs 100 to 150 per day, with which he is barely managing to meet the expenses of his family.

"There are seven members in my family and I am earning only 100 to 150 daily. All our work has stopped. If we will not work, then what we will eat? The government has to do something for us so that we can run our family," said Gopal. He further urged the government to ease the ongoing lockdown so that poor people can earn their livelihood.

"Government should at least allow poor people to work. Everyday when we come from home they do our Covid-19 test and then only they let us go for work. Police officers also unnecessarily bother us throughout the day," added Gopal.

Mahesh, a fisherman said that due to the rise in water level they were unable to find enough fish these days. Sometimes we don't get any fish for seven to eight days.

"I have a big family of 7 members and somehow I am managing to run the household. As soon as our life and business returned to track after last year's lockdown, another lockdown hit our livelihood. Last year, at least we could find fish but this time due to the increase in water levels we are unable to fish," said Mahesh.

He further said that with roads closed due to lockdown, they did not have enough customers to buy their fish. "Previously, the fish market was open but now that is also shut, so we cannot even go to the market to sell fish. We used to get about Rs 1000-1200 per day but now we can not even manage to get Rs 200 for the fish. There are a lot of problems, never thought the situation will come to this," he added.

Mahesh further said that if lockdown is eased and the market is opened fishermen will be able to sell fishes in the market at a good price.

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