Bhopal: More than 15 district panchayat and Janpad panchayat presidents are all set to take the membership of Congress in presence of Chief minister and party state president Kamal Nath on Saturday. The members are coming to attend a training session to be organised for panchayat representatives under the National Gram Swaraj Yojna, at BHEL Dassehra Maidan on Saturday. Nath, who is scheduled to address the session, is likely to announce to extend the 5-year term of the panchayats by one year.

Congress spokesperson KK Mishra claimed Bhopal district panchayat president Manmohan Nagar including many panchayat representatives will join the Congress in presence of CM Kamal Nath.

The training session though aims at capacity building of the representatives, is being organised keeping an eye on the approaching Lok Sabha election.  “The BJP had curtailed the powers of the panchayats during its regime, but after the Congress government will give them all their powers shortly,” said Mishra.

A number panchayat representatives joining Congress would give BJP a setback ahead of the Lok Sabha election, as many of the representatives are the member of the BJP and they are the backbone of the LS election, he added.

Free Press Journal