BHOPAL: Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister and Congress’s Lok Sabha candidate Digvijaya Singh , spelled out his priority of fulfilling promises made in his vision document for Bhopal irrespective of government at the centre.  “Whichever government comes to power at the Centre it will not make any difference to me, my priority is to implement the promises made in vision documents” said Singh, releasing his vision document for Bhopal here at a press conference on Sunday,

Singh’s vision documents speaks of Bhopal’s Industrial development, setting up of satellite townships house to every homeless, a safe environment for women, children and senior citizens among other things. While unveiling the Vision Document for all eight assembly segments of Bhopal parliamentary constituency, Singh said that besides conserving the heritage and ancient character of the city, the document speaks about setting up satellite towns in all directions on the city’s outskirts.

Just as NCR (National Capital Region) led to Delhi’s development, the vision document for Bhopal envisages developing Bhopal on the lines of State Capital Region (SCR), said former CM. “I will not let down the people of Bhopal and will do whatever it takes to fulfil the promises,” said the senior Congress leader.

Training guns at the erstwhile regime of BJP in the state, Singh said the commitment of previous government towards Bhopal’s development can be gauged from the fact that no Master Plan for the constituency was drafted for last many years. “According to the city’s needs and as per the law, the master plan of Bhopal should be prepared every ten years…But the (erstwhile) BJP government skipped two master plans of the city in the last 15 years,” he added.  Singh said the capital of Madhya Pradesh could be developed as a global city. “The master plan of Bhopal would be released by 2020, after seeking suggestions from all the stakeholders,” he said.

‘Samridh Bhopal Samarth  Bhopal’: Promises galore…
The vision document titled ‘Vision Bhopal: Samridh Bhopal Samarth Bhopal’ entails development on various counts including safe drinking water to all, no homeless no helpless initiative, public friendly transport system, developing the city as sports hub, setting up art/film city, science city, education city (including a medical college in Sehore), besides linking the MP capital with economic corridor and setting up Kisan City with Food Processing Unit Technology Center on city’s outskirts. In the vision document, also promises safe environment for women, children and senior citizens. The Congress leader also promised to develop a clinic in every ward of Bhopal, apparently on the lines of the mohalla clinics set up in Delhi by the AAP government there. The document, however, doesn’t clearly mention anything about welfare of a large population affected by the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster.

‘Modi dumped Sanjar’s Bhopal development proposal into dustbin’
Digvijaya Singh accused Narendra Modi government of dumping into a dustbin a proposal presented by sitting MP Alok Sanjar on development of Madhya Pradesh capital. “The urban planner who has helped us in preparing the Vision Document for development of Bhopal had also given similar suggestions to our sitting BJP MP Alok Sanjar in the past. In 2014-15, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought from parliamentarians proposals for development of their respective constituencies, the Sanjar too had submitted the proposals for Bhopal’s development,” claimed Singh.

“All good proposals are dumped in Modi’s regime and that is what happened to Alok Sanjar’s proposal about Bhopal’s development. The proposal submitted by the Bhopal MP before PM Modi was thrown into the dustbin.,” said Congress candidate.  Just like Alok Sanjar’s proposal was dumped, in a similar manner Sanjar’s competence too was rejected by Modi and his team, added Singh pointing at the denial of ticket to sitting BJP MP.

“Modiji doesn’t understand concept of Smart City”
Accusing Modi government of destroying Bhopal’s greenery in the name of Smart City development, Digvijaya Singh said, “Development isn’t ushered by just aping the model of west. I feel Modiji himself doesn’t understand the concept of Smart City.”

Vijayvargiya to Diggy: Where was your vision when you were CM
Making light of Singh’s vision document, BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvergiya tweeted “When he was the CM he had destroyed the state, where people were deprived of roads, electricity and water, where was his vision then? Is he is getting some divine power now. Had such vision when he was the chief minister?”