Bhopal: Digvijaya claims 80k fake voters
Bhopal: Digvijaya claims 80k fake voters

Ex-Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh has expressed that there may be around 80,000 fake voters in the state capital.  Singh also lodged a complaint in this connection with the chief electoral officer VL Kantharao on Saturday. Singh said there are around 34,000 voters who are in the voters list of more than one place. He said the Commission conducts investigations if there are more than 10 voters in a house.

The Commission has been given information of more than 900 such houses situated in Govindpura, Narela and Bairasia where there are more than 20 voters in a house. Singh said the number of such voters is around 47,000. Singh demanded the Commission to file criminal case against booth level officers (BLOs) if any duplicate name comes in the voters list. If any name is shown at two booths, then the slip of the person concerned should not be sent to its house but be given to the polling officer.

Singh said after polling by such persons, the polling officer of that booth should inform about them to the polling officer of other booth on telephone. Singh said the Commission has assured that his demands are being considered seriously.

‘Everybody knows the truth’
Singh said the names of 3,600,000 fake voters were removed due to efforts of Congress in assembly elections. Singh said he was not making allegations on any party but everybody knows the truth.